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DAOventures is a multi-chain DeFi investing platform
for fund managers and crypto investors.

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For Investors

The best DeFi portfolios that provide you with profitable ETF strategies

We are your go-to investment platform for automated DeFi portfolio strategies, whether you are a hodler, fresh to DeFi or sophisticated investor.

On DAOventures, you don't have to be running around for each yield farming protocol to generate the best profit for you.
We've got you covered.

Citadel Vault

DAO Citadel is a crypto ETF investment strategy to make investor’s money over the long run beating the index.


Popular US tech stocks with yield farming rewards and reduced volatility.


Ride the growth of NFT and gamefi ecosystems.

Elon’s Ape

This uncomplicated strategy with long-only basket of the 3 tickers most closely associated with Musk.

Cuban’s Ape

This simple strategy is a long-only basket of alts that Mark Cuban has gone on the record to publicly support.

Money Printer

A stablecoin farming strategy to compound more stablecoins.

For Fund Managers

Create, automate and manage your DeFi portfolio strategies

We work as a SaaS (Software as a Service) providing you scalable and automated DeFi portfolio strategies so you don't have to do it yourself.

We help you to build, deploy, test and manage smart contract strategies, automate the whole process for your DeFi fund management.

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See what the advisors have to say about us

The DAOventures team is creating a product that is much needed in this space - which will bring crypto/defi adoption to the masses in a way where you can be any level of investor and take advantage of this burgeoning sector.

Danish Chaudhry
CEO of Exchange

DAOventures makes using DeFi services extremely easy for all users no matter their financial capabilities and understanding. By streamlining the process to enter and exit DeFi, DAOventures minimizes friction and increases returns.

Aaron Choi
VP of Global Business Development at Kava

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