• DAOventures 

    Your smart money manager for DeFi

  • DAOventures is a pooled asset manager and robo-advisor for decentralized finance. With smart contracts and automated robo-traders, DAOventures invest in the best performing DeFi assets for most optimized return.

  • your smart money manager for defi

    Pooled investment fund based on Ethereum’s smart-contract that automatically invests in decentralized finance protocols and generates returns for LPs. Imagine a fund manager (VC) on DeFi.

    Professional fund managers

    DAOventures team provides recommendations and capital deployment behalf of LP into DeFi investment.

    Cash flow from digital assets

    All investors are able to generate yield/returns from their existing digital assets and get higher returns to participate in DeFi investments

    Fund mandate with governance token

    Every investor (LP) has a say in consensus vote. Governance token model enables LP to cast votes for changes to the rules in the protocol.

    Reduce counter-party risk

    Counter-party risk is drastically reduced with the implementation of non-custodial processes. The funds stay with LP's digital wallet.

  • Why defi and why now?

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the next evolution of cryptocurrency technology.

    Bitcoin & Satoshi

    When Bitcoin ($BTC) was introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, it was created to remove centralization, eliminate trustee and disrupt financial systems. BTC mining with ASIC and BTC used as medium of transaction globally. That was crypto 1.0.

    Ethereum & Smart Contract

    As cryptocurrency advance, a new Turing-complete blockchain was launched as Ethereum. Smart-contract was introduced and developers could program on blockchain. It was also the boom of initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. That was crypto 2.0.

    Crypto 3.0 & DeFi

    Through the evolution of smart contract and crypto innovation, this created DeFi into existence. Protocols such as Compound, MakerDAO, Uniswap, etc created decentralized finance products such as lending, borrowing, trading, and more. This is crypto 3.0.

  • DAOventures

    Your smart money manager for decentralized finance (DeFi)

    DeFi pooled asset manager

    DAOventures work like a "typical VC"; sourcing deals, investment opportunities to generate optimized returns for the "LP".

    Automated robo-advisory

    DAOventures build technology and tools in-house; arbitrage bot, token swap, liquidity miner, automated balancer, and etc.

  • Investment strategies

    Maximizing yield and capital appreciation through DeFi


    Providing liquidity for the best interest rate % from lending at the top DeFi protocol.

    DeFi arbitraging

    Automated algorithm arbitrage bot between difference prices on DeFi protocols. 

    Capital appreciation

    Governance token are tradeable secondary market tokens on exchanges (DeX and CeX).

  • How It Works



    Algorithmically tracking multiple DeFi protocols 24/7 to spot opportunities



    Using quant analysis, the robo-advisor will measure the ROI vs risk & reward



    The fund executes the trade and invest in real-time based on mandate

  • Core technology team

    Alvin Foo

    Co-founder / CEO

    Technologist, mobile-centric and AI, Alvin has deep knowledge, great relationships and network in China and Asia. He had taken up senior executive positions at Google, Nokia, Velti, Omnicom Media Group and IPG.

    Victor Lee

    Co-founder / COO

    Cryptocurrency, blockchain & data science. Experienced technology startup entrepreneur. Ex-Standard Chartered Bank & Omnicom Media Group focused on innovation, product development & growth strategies.

    Grant Baker


    Experienced Chief Data Officer in the Fintech industry. Masters of Financial Engineering from National University of Singapore. Studying Python (Scikit learn, NumPy, Pandas, TensorFlow).

    Soon Lai


    Software architect with experience in financial trading systems. Experience in frontend, backend and blockchain dev (GO, Python, Javascript, Solidity). ex-iFast: Fintech wealth management.

  • Partners


    General Partner

    Miranda Tan is an expert in PR and marketing, and blockchain tech in the digital media. She has a bachelor of science from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor from St. John's University School of Law.

    Hassan Miah

    General Partner

    Hassan Miah is a financial analyst, technology strategist and forensic valuation specialist. He can quickly evaluate the economics for most businesses and assets. He was previously valuation and M&A Partner at KPMG

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