DAOventures is a web3 ventures studio

that focuses on decentralized finance(DeFi), Metaverse, NFTs and more.

Who We Are

A Web3 Ventures Studio

We believe the future of finance starts from Web3, through DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs.

We invest in, mentor, and incubate teams creating innovations, solving problems of the web3 world.

Our Portfolio

Investment Thesis

At the core of every ventures, these are our priorities:

Superior value proposition

Visible product-market fit

Clear token value accrual

We adopt a pro-active approach and partner with teams to bootstrap necessary network effects for them to grow. At the same time, we provide invaluable thought leadership and guidance such as token economics, technology insights, DAO governance and community building.

Our Team

Victor Lee
Alvin Foo
SoonLai Mah
Cindy Jin
Partner, Ventures
JenQ Lee
Partner, Ventures
Sarah Kwon
Partner, Marketing

Our Partners

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