About DAOventures

Our joint mission to make DeFi simpler, more accessible, and inclusive.

Crypto assets manager with carefully designed investment strategies for all risk profiles

Decentralised and governed by $DVD holders

Multi-chain experience to help users find the best return

Secure and audited by independent third parties

Core technology team
Alvin Foo
Strategy, business, and marketing.
Google Head of Mobile China, IPG Managing Director, Omnicom Head of Mobile. Advisor for SXSW, SOSventures, Sparklabs Korea.
Victor Lee
Product, tech and crypto.
Standard Chartered Bank Innovation & Product Lead. Omnicom Group Innovation Director. Ex-Chin accelerator and SOSventures.
Soon Lai
CTO and software architect for financial trading.
Experienced in frontend, backend & blockchain. IFAST Corporation, a licensed fintech wealth management in Singapore.
Blockchain Lead
Native blockchain and smart contract developer with 2 years of experience in DeFi.Dapps using Solidity, and the latest frameworks.
Dennis Hui
DeFi portfolio strategist.
Experienced portfolio manager in trad-fi, especially bond trading and equity sales.
Belinda Zhou
Marketing, community, and business development in Asia.
Experienced in crypto marketing and localization for over 4 years. Ex-Emirates Airline and Dubai Tourism.
Jonathan Cheung
Product Manager
Experienced product manager for 5 years at Crypto.com & Uber in Hong Kong.
Mir Rasel
Community Ambassador
Alibaba brand ambassador and digital specialist for 4 years.Digital marketing specialist in leading social medias & community.
Aaron Choi
DeFi advisor
VP for Kava Labs Kava.io (DeFi for leveraging and hedging major cryptocurrencies). Advisor for FinNexus and Ex-VP for BTCC International
Aniket Jindal
Crypto advisor
Advisor for Matic, co-founder of Biconomy, and crypto entrepreneur in the India market. IMBA masters degree from Fudan University, Shanghai.
Lester Lim
Strategic advisor
Strategic advisor. Founder of X21 Digital. He incubates and supports great projects via resources & connections in the blockchain ecosystem. Advisor to MahaDao, Finxflo, Vortex, etc.
Ravneet Kaur
Advisor, India
Marketing, PR, Growth, Partnerships & Education. Founder of @BitcoinPanjab. Educating masses on Bitcoin & Blockchain and driving adoption in South East Asia. Ex HubSpot.
Dimitar Dinev
DeFi, Advisor
Background in investment banking, venture capital, and exchange operations both spot and derivatives in Europe and Asia. Previously MD with JRR Crypto and Operations at BTCC, and formerly investment banking portfolio manager. 
Fay Lee
Advisor, China
Head of international and global operation with HPB China. ZhongAn China and Loopring China marketing lead.
Investors & Partners
Roadmap 2021 and beyond
1. Launching 5-10 different DeFi AMM manager products
2. Launching DVG governance token model to incentivize liquidity
3. Listing DVG at Decentralized Exchanges to promote liquidity and product awareness.
2021 Q1
1. Partnership with other blockchain protocols for interoperability & cross-chain.
2. Launching more DeFi products, money market solutions and AMM products.
3. Onboarding critical role for building advance DeFi and fintech solutions.
2021 Q2
1. iOS and Android mobile app with web3 crypto wallet integration.
2. Hiring key roles, regional business dev, community and tech partnerships.
3. Scaling technology and engineering teams with DeFi/smart contract skillset.
2021 Q3
1. Localization of the solutions & products with multi-language capabilities.
2. Building scalable organization, risk management and compliance framework.
3. Raising funding for strategic growth; licensing, India/China expansion.
2021 Q4

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